Saturday, July 20, 2019

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70 Solicitors join the Collaborative Practice Movement

70 Solicitors join the Collaborative Practice Movement

In recent weeks, 70 solicitors have completed their foundation course in Collaborative Practice after participating in highly successful training sessions hosted by ACP and CPD Focus, the training section of the Law Society.


Two courses, one held in November ‘08 and the other in February ‘09, took place over two-days with instruction and tutoring provided by eight ACP members. The trainees were enthusiastic in their response to the course and all 70 solicitors are now equipped to begin work in this developing model of dispute resolution and are keen to put their new skills into practice.

ACP now counts financial experts, mental health experts and other professionals among their members and future courses will tailor specifically to their professional needs.

We see it as a very positive sign that so many solicitors now accept Collaborative Practice as a strong addition to their skill set. We intend to grow our training element over the coming months, in 2009 ACP and practice groups in Cork and Dublin will conduct further training specifically for Financial Specialists and Mental Health Professionals. Lecturers from the UK and US will be the main educators but as Collaborative Practice is now growing so strongly in Ireland there will be significant input from our own experienced Irish trainers.

Full details of each training initiative, whether organised by the Association of Collaborative Practitioners or local practice groups will be posted here on this ACP website and in most cases training opportunities are available to lawyers, mental health professionals, financial experts and other professionals to form part of the Collaborative team model.

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