Saturday, July 20, 2019

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Does it take long

Does it take Long?

The process is flexible and can expand or contract to meet yours and your family's specific needs.

In general, it takes between three to seven ‘four-way' meetings to resolve all of the issues. These meetings can be spaced with long intervals between each meeting or close together depending on your particular needs.

Each party meets their lawyer in preparation for each meeting as required. Once issues are agreed, the lawyers then complete the paperwork, for example, the Deed of Separation or the Terms of Consent to be ruled in the context of a Judicial Separation or a Divorce.

If the process needs to be postponed for any reason, there is the possibility of seeking outside assistance by way of further professionals such as counsellors, accountants, auctioneers or arbitrators and the process can be suspended to facilitate such intervention.

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