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Association of Collaborative Practitioners


What is Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice is an alternative way to resolve disputes.The aim of Collaborative Practice is to find a deep, equitable and sustainable solution for people who are in dispute. ...  Read more... | video

Family Law: Separation and Divorce?

Collaborative practice has taken root in Ireland, particularly in the family law area. Couples, with the help of their lawyers, coaches, financial and child neutrals, control the process and the .. . Read more | video

How does it work? .

The process will begin when one of the parties embarking on a separation or divorce makes contact with a Counsellor, Mediator, Lawyer, Child Specialist or Financial Specialist.  They can then be put in contact with  .. . Read more | video

Does it take long ?

The process is flexible and can expand or contract to meet your needs. In general it takes between three to seven meetings to resolve all the issues that can be encountered in a separation of divorce.  These meetings can be spaced with ....  Read more | video

How much will it cost? .

Collaborative practitioners will agree an hourly rate in advance. You therefore will be able to control your own costs by dictating how much time you spend with each practitioner in.  .. . Read more | video

What if the process is not successful ?

The success rate for Collaborative Law is very high, however, if either of the parties to a dispute decides to discontinue the process, or it is not possible to continue for other reasons, both....  Read more | video


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